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Getting arrested is scary.

Let Heights Injury Law handle your criminal case.

Whatever charges you’re facing, rest easier knowing you have an experienced criminal defense attorney in your corner. In addition to handling personal injury, Jennifer Meksraitis is a former public defender with years of experience defending clients who are confronting criminal charges, with a focus on DUI charges. Jennifer knows the law, knows your rights and works hard to make sure you receive the best defense possible. A true advocate, Jennifer will explain everything so you can make informed decisions about your life and your future.

DUI/DWI • Drug Crimes & Marijuana Possession

Weapons Charges • Theft

Assault & Battery • Domestic Violence • White Collar Crimes

Probation Violations • Expungements

Been arrested for DUI? Avoid costly mistakes and don’t make a move without consulting an experienced defense attorney.

Criminal charges, and especially DUI charges, include very critical deadlines when certain things must happen. If you’re facing this charge, hiring an experienced DUI defense attorney immediately is necessary in order to successfully navigate this complex system. In addition to helping you through this labyrinth, a good criminal defense attorney will work directly with prosecutors, judges and the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to make sure your rights are protected and you’re being treated fairly. Knowing the options available to you is crucial, including the possibility of reduced charges for a first-time DUI. Jennifer Meksraitis is an accomplished and experienced DUI defense attorney who can assist you if you’re facing this charge. Give us a call to learn what your options are at no cost to you at (813) 600-3197. The initial consultation is free.

Do I really need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Being accused of a crime will affect the rest of your life. It will affect job prospects, your ability to rent a home or apartment, future licenses you may wish to obtain, future security clearances, your ability to carry a firearm, your ability to vote, and more. Handling a criminal charge without an attorney is one of the biggest mistakes people make and they spend their entire lives regretting that decision. For professionals who already hold a license, the stakes are even higher and criminal accusations can cause teachers, healthcare professionals, attorneys, military, law enforcement, even real estate and insurance brokers, to lose their license and destroy their career. Hiring a competent and experienced defense attorney is a crucial and necessary step if you’ve been charged with a crime. Call Jennifer Meksraitis at (813) 600-3197 for a free consultation.

What do I do if I’ve been arrested?

Remain silent. It is not only your right, it is your duty to avoid any self-incrimination. Often times people believe they can talk their way out of a bad situation not realizing that they are likely making things worse. Invoke your right to an attorney and say nothing more. You may make admissions that can have devastating consequences, particularly when a police officer makes you feel like they’re your friend and on your side. Law enforcement will use anything you say to support their arrest.

Consult an attorney immediately. In almost every criminal case, and especially in DUI cases, time is of the essence. For example, in a DUI case, you could potentially lose your driving privileges if you don’t take the correct action within 10 days of your arrest. Hiring an attorney immediately after arrest is an important step in protecting your rights, your privileges, and your future. Contact Jennifer Meksraitis at Heights Injury Law for a free consultation to avoid making costly and life-altering mistakes when facing a DUI or any other criminal charge.

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